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The Fierce Pancake

The Fierce Pancake
Date: 2013-05-12 14:19
Subject: I still have a livejournal?
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I thought these guys had gone out of business...
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The Fierce Pancake
Date: 2011-04-06 07:25
Subject: Edgewater Dragon Boat Challenge
Security: Public
09 Apr 2011 at Annual Edgewater Dragon Boat Challenge -
100 Water St. Webster, TX - The Grass Skirts at 3:00p

click here for map to site
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The Fierce Pancake
Date: 2011-03-17 18:06
Subject: The Grass Skirts this Saturday
Security: Public
19 Mar 2011 at Avant Garden
411 Westheimer Rd, Houston TX
8:00p opening for Jealous Creatures and Horse & Dagger


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The Fierce Pancake
Date: 2011-02-12 14:11
Subject: live on Feb 26th!
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My band The Grass Skirts has not performed in over a year but are making a come-back appearance in two weeks at Waldo's coffeehouse in the Heights. We'll be playing in the early evening along with Poopy Lungstuffing and dancing by
Sage Rose. We've got a new drummer named Karl and Matt has moved from pedal steel to the lap steel instrument. We've also got some new original songs!

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The Fierce Pancake
Date: 2011-01-07 09:18
Subject: No Updates
Security: Public
Really haven't been using livejournal much anymore. Occasionally will make a Facebook post, but the blogging spirit has rather left me.

But while I'm thinking about it, The Grass Skirts are booked to play Feb 26th at Waldo's. We haven't played in about a year but we're highly excited to debut our new incarnation of the band.

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The Fierce Pancake
Date: 2010-06-11 10:55
Subject: Bobbindoctrin show opens tonight
Security: Public

a new puppet play by Joel Orr

Here are the ten things we can tell you about Ant Sandwich without actually describing the content. 1) It is a puppet show. 2) It’s about an hour long. 3) It takes place in another world. 4) It involves “denizens.” 5) Puppets are designed by Katie Jackson. 6) The content is not too brutal, though there is an instance of cannibalism. 7) Children thirteen and over will not be unduly traumatized. 8) Rod and shadow puppets are utilized to tell the story. 9) You’ve never seen anything like it. 10) It might have something to do with depression.

But if you REALLY need to know, if your decision to come see a puppet show must be informed, read the synopsis far below. But we encourage you not to. Just show up and take a ride.


by Joel Orr
Puppets by Katie Jackson

3414 LaBranch, Houston TX

Opens Friday June 11 9PM
then runs
Saturday June 12 9PM
Sunday June 13 6PM
Tuesday June 15 9PM
Friday June 18 9PM
Saturday June 19 9PM

Tickets: $15 (negotiable)

SEATING IS LIMITED (because we’re cutting many of them out)
Reservations strongly recommended.

To reserve seats, call 713-259-1304

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The Fierce Pancake
Date: 2010-03-05 16:11
Subject: Livejournal still exists?
Security: Public
New Year's Eve I didn't make a damn resolution. But a couple weeks later changed my mind. I registered for a class a HCC to get a Cisco certification. Since I paid for it myself, I'm much more inclined to see it through though it'll probably take most of the year to get my degree at this pace. There was some encouragement to get a gym membership at work with a corporate discount and I signed up for that as well. Although there's not a franchise near my house, theres one near work and also one on my way home from the previously mentioned Cisco class and I've been going there 3 times a week. These two things are pretty significant, actually putting an investment in my career/education and my health are things I've neglected to do at all in the past few years. Improving my consumption will have to be a part of this, but my intention is to just eat a little less and more healthy as opposed to any drastic diet.

I've also got to cut back on my Warcraft time, which is a challenge. I've let myself get involved in end-game raiding and also trying to maintain 4-5 characters at the same time. Although it's a social game, the acquaintances I've made around the world aren't particularly useful for me. I'm curious what my life would have been like the last few years if I'd not gotten stricken with this blight. I first started playing when a girlfriend's son brought it over, and perhaps I played it then to the extend she began to feel neglected and then she found another lover. So I played even more. And then my band became less active to the point of dissolving late last year. So I played even more. I actually signed up for my college class at times I thought would interfere least with my raiding schedule in game, as crazy as that may sound. Playing a little less as a result of not being able to play effectively in class (isn't that sad, I'm not saying that I CANT play in class.)

Ok. So to summarize.
taking class to get CCNA: check
joined a gym to get in better shape: check
Grass Skirts no longer exist: check
still play too much Warcraft: check

For a couple weeks we had another dog in the house, and I've grown to appreciate how smart Ginger really is as a result. I mean, sure I can knock on the wall and she'll think someone's at the door even if I do it right in front of her, but she's actually a pretty brainy little terrier.
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The Fierce Pancake
Date: 2010-02-01 00:23
Subject: L Ron Salinger
Security: Public
I have never read The Catcher in the Rye. It's something that I understand's standard issue required reading for youngsters, but never once came up on the curriculum of any class I took in the La Porte ISD or in University. I suppose it's something that every literature teacher I had assumed was covered in somebody else's class. I do not know who any of the characters are, I do not know the plot. If there were ever a made for TV adaptation of the novel I managed to skate by without ever seeing, or if it happened to have ever been on in front of me I had no idea what I was watching. That said, I can definitively assert that The Catcher in the Rye had absolutely no impact on my intellectual upbringing nor did anything else JD Salinger wrote (and I'm assuming he did write other books that I did not read). I could certainly just browse a wikipedia entry to give myself a Cliff's Note rundown on the book and its scribe, yes that's something I could have easily done before I started writing this livejournal entry but failed to do even that.

I did, however, manage to read the entire Mission Earth science fiction series when I was in the sixth grade. For some reason that was not clear to me even then, the local La Porte community newspaper ran a brief article on me circa 1987 which spotlighted the vast and excruciatingly interesting interests of the young teenager. And in that article instead of listing JD Salinger as a favorite author I listed L. Ron Hubbard, completely oblivious to the whole Scientology angle; which I'm not doubting everyone over the age of 15 who read the piece thought concerning. Hubbard did in fact write a mess load of science fiction novels both before and after inventing his religion.
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The Fierce Pancake
Date: 2010-01-07 16:29
Subject: sotu
Security: Public
Gosh, I dont write much anymore. Lack of feeling interesting or general laziness.

So it's 2010. I'm now in my mid 30s. I still live in a little 2 bedroom house in the Heights with Cecily, but I sleep with her dog. My band The Grass Skirts is still together but in a little winter hibernation as we mull over our future direction, so we don't have any shows lined up presently. Neither me or Matt have touched our instruments in about a month and Alfred's off taking wacky lawyer school tests. I work at the same job I've been at the last four years on the Northwest side of town doing the same thing I've been doing and it's so incredibly uninteresting to describe, but I am grateful that I escaped layoffs during the brutal recent economy. Put on a little weight because I sit at a computer at work and I sit on a computer at home and everyone tells me to exercise but I haven't done much beyond mow the lawn every couple weeks, but it hasn't gotten so bad I'm wheelchair bound or need a crane to leave the house. When I had vacation time at the end of 09 I mainly sat at home playing Warcraft, for which I am mildly ashamed. I find it difficult to get more than a couple days off work at a time to truly do anything memorable with it now. This is unfortunate, as I have no children or physical handicap that prevents me from scuba diving off the coast of Tahiti, it's more an inability to make good plans.

I'm going to go do some stuff this weekend. On Friday Sufjan Steven's work "The BQE" gets screened at the Museum of Fine Arts. And also this weekend Bobbindoctrin have their annual puppetry festival (Thur-Sat), which I'll probably visit on Saturday. Both of my friends who previously would inspire me to work on that stuff have moved away from Houston now. Oh those days of the theater.

My parents gave me Beatles Rock Band for Christmas. All this time I held out because it seemed preposterous to buy an expensive toy guitar. However, the drum kit's really a lot like playing real drums and I'm having great fun learning to play.
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The Fierce Pancake
Date: 2010-01-04 10:40
Subject: not sure where this is from, saw it on chickencrap
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